One of the things that continually fascinates me is the interconnection between body, soul and spirit. If we want to live well-balanced lives, we, and our children need to nurture and be nurtured in each of these areas. My own children are all adults now and one thing I can vouch for is that childhood passes very quickly.

I encourage all parents to make the most of the time you spend with your children, and the Christmas holidays often provide some extra time to do that. I came across a poster on the ABCs of Life*, and I thought that some of the suggestions on it would be great to practice together as families.


Build Something


Do What is Difficult



Gather Together


Ignore the Sceptics

Just Be

Know You are Loved



Nourish Body and Soul


Plant a Seed



Stretch your Body and Soul

Try Something New


Value Truth

Wonder and Worship

Express your Gratitude

Say Yes to Adventure

Get enough Zzzzzzzz

I could write whole articles on some of those topics, but I’ll leave it to you to see how you and your family might use them or even come up with more suggestions. I would like to wish you and your family and very blessed Christmas and God’s richest blessings for your New Year.

(I will be available for appointments over most of the school holidays.)

Jenny Billingham

* Adapted from Little Truths Studio’s ABCs of Life