A new year at school inevitably brings new things for people to learn. New processes, new people to meet, new subjects and new teachers. I am still struggling to remember to write ‘19’ and not ‘18’ when I write the date! Schooling is in a constant state of change with the implementation of new ideas and initiatives from governments and schools. 2019 is certainly no different with the Year Eleven students being the first cohort to experience the new QCE system, including the replacement of the OP score with an ATAR. On Monday night we discussed these changes in detail at the Year Eleven Assessment Information evening.

Changes such as this can be very unsettling for students as they step into an unknown environment. As a school we have been engaged with the system already for a couple of years and feel prepared for the change to both subjects and assessment processes. Some of the keys to adapting and succeeding any change process is understanding the purpose of the change and developing the capacity of the people impacted by the change. The OP system has served Queenslanders well and will continue to do so for the 2019 Year Twelve students who will be amongst the last people to receive an OP. However, the time has come for an updated approach which introduces new learning and enhanced processes for students.

Our goal for students, irrespective of the system, is that they are able to fulfil their potential and reach their desired post-school pathway. The QCE system will involve new processes such as external assessment, worth 50% for Maths and Science subjects, and online assignment submission. These are daunting but we are committed to with working with students and teachers to develop their skills and capacity to meet these challenges.

One of our school values, “Everyone can grow and thrive”, stems out of the God’s plan for us in the Bible that in John 10:10 that Jesus “came so that we can have life and have it abundantly.” Our goal for students is that they would be able to grow and thrive through the opportunities provided in the new system and fulfil their God-given potential. It will be tough, but we are looking forward to the journey ahead over the next couple of years and to celebrating the achievements of our students.