At Mueller College we believe everyone can Grow and Thrive. The teacher’s belief in this statement drives their quality teaching practices and daily investment into the lives of the students they teach, tutor, coach and instruct. It sees students at Mueller given opportunities to excel and thrive across a generously large number of subject areas and extra-curricular pursuits. These exist not only so students can work towards a particular career pathway, but so they can invest and contribute in smaller communities that they have a strong sense of belonging in.

This value statement is not limited to members of the Mueller community only. Throughout the year we have many students, staff and families alike visit from all over the state and country, as participants at different events or programs either run by Mueller or hosted here on site. These events in turn provide the opportunity for our own students and staff to invest and contribute into the lives of others, in seeing others grow and thrive too.

This week the Mueller senior student leadership team had the privilege of playing host to a dozen visiting schools and colleges at the annual Captains Breakfast Leadership Conference. Over one hundred and thirty student leaders and staff from the greater Brisbane North area converged on Mueller for the half day event. The day is designed for the sole purpose of seeing each school’s student leadership team grow and thrive, through the opportunity the program provides to network with each other, collaborate on leadership styles and practices, and learn practical and effective leadership training principles.

Keynote speaker Mr Mark Broadbent walked students through John Maxwell’s ‘Four Levels of Leadership’, helping them reflect on how the position they have been given equates to effective leadership. He also stepped them through the principles of effective delegation as outlined in Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People.’ Workshop time then gave students the opportunity to collaborate with their peers from the other schools on how best to implement and apply those principles back into their own school contexts.

The day is a valuable opportunity to invest into the lives of our current school leaders, who will perhaps be our future leaders. The day holds even greater significance as our own student leaders get the chance to practically serve and bless other students from other schools, and thereby enact the value statement we see as significant at Mueller; that everyone can grow and thrive.

Ben Stiller

Week 3 // News and Updates