I attempted to make sushi recently and whilst the final product was edible it was a long way from the standard of sushi you buy in a food court, let alone at a restaurant. I researched some tips and discovered the training regime to be a legitimate sushi chef, an itamae, can take up to a decade. In fact, they invest years in the seemingly simple task of making the rice. It is the hallmark of an expert that they make complex tasks look easy, masking their expertise in the process.

One of the great things about working in a school is seeing the range of expertise that exists in the community. Mueller students excel across a diverse field of endeavours including sporting, cultural, technological and academic. We are proud not only of these students but the ones who selflessly serve others, lead their fellow students in worship, are great friends to their peers and try their best in class. What a blessing to our school the students are.

However, it is not only the students who demonstrate expertise but the teachers also. Mueller teachers are a committed and professional group of people who as a collective are focused on developing their expertise in improving the learning and wellbeing of Mueller students. Teaching can seem simple. However, the expertise of teachers comes in knowing the students, planning appropriate learning activities and implementing them effectively. It also comes in knowing the specific social, emotional and academic needs of the children. I am very thankful for the expert group of teachers that we have at Mueller and their heart to serve the school community.

There has recently been an inquiry into the status of teachers as a profession and one of its findings was that the expertise of teachers should be measured and maintained. Teachers can be certified against these standards, produced by AITSL, as Highly Accomplished or Lead. Only 500 teachers across Australia are certified, despite there being many more who could be, as and the process is very onerous and requires submission of a folio and a day-long inspection of classroom practice with an independent assessor.

At the forefront of this movement are a group of Mueller teachers who are in the process of achieving their certification. Their motivation is professional development and improving student outcomes. Some are in the process of being inspected this week and achieving this recognition would be a well- deserved affirmation of not only the quality of their teaching but of the expertise across the classrooms at Mueller. Mueller teachers – we thank you!


Week 6 // News and Updates