Yesterday we asked our two High School Musical leads a few questions about the musical and how they’re feeling about their roles. Evangeline Rodriguez (Year 9) is playing Gabriella Montez, and Lachlan Dodd (Year 11) is playing our lead male, Troy Bolton.
When was the first time you encountered High School Musical?
Evangeline: When I first heard about the musical I looked into it, then went and watched all the movies. I actually had never seen the musical before! So this is quite new for me.
What’s it like being the main female star as a Year 9 student?
Evangeline: It’s a bit of pressure, but it’s really fun and very rewarding. I’ve loved getting tips from others and meeting new people that I didn’t mix with before. It’s great to meet and grow with others.
When was the first time you encountered High School Musical?
Lachlan: I actually didn’t grow up with it either! I loved the movies though once I found out about it.
Is there a lot of pressure playing the ‘Zac Efron’ character?
Lachlan: There definitely is a lot of pressure riding on getting the role right, but I think if you can study hard on getting the role right and understanding the character then I think you can do it great.
Have you learnt anything new from doing this show?
Lachlan: I’ve learnt that all the roles are important to the show and especially the ensemble.