Have you ever reached a point where you feel overwhelmed? There’s so much to do at that particular time, and you really just don’t know where to start.  Or maybe you feel unbelievably stressed  with pressure coming from every direction.  You feel like running away from everyone and everything, but that’s just not an option.  It can be helpful just to take a couple of minutes and STOP.

S – Stop what you’re doing. Tell yourself to stop for a moment – still your racing thoughts and stop doing anything.

T – Take a few deep breaths and bring yourself into the present moment. Don’t think about what you’ve got to do.

O – Observe what’s going on with your body. Use all of your senses – what are you seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling and tasting? What about your emotions?  How are you feeling?

P – Proceed with what you’re doing.

It only takes a couple of moments, but can be surprisingly calming.  I find it helpful  to say a quick prayer at that time too. 

In an ideal world, we wouldn’t reach this point, but this world is imperfect and we do sometimes. Next week, we’ll look at some ways to build some “pause” time into our lives, to enable us to avoid that sense of drowning beneath the weight of everything. 

Jenny Billingham

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