It is not very often that we ask for financial donations, in fact, just once a year just before tax time.
As we approach the end of another financial year, it is a good time to consider supporting Mueller with a tax deductible donation that will support the ongoing enhancement of facilities at Mueller College.
As part of the Christian education offered at Mueller College, we aim to provide students with the opportunity to grow and develop academically, physically, socially and spiritually.  The college enjoys wonderful facilities and a splendid environment to support the growth and development of our students. Your support for our building program is very much needed and appreciated.
A tax deductible gift to the Mueller College Building Fund is a great way to ensure that the building program at Mueller College continues to provide first class facilities that meet the diverse needs of students and the college community. You may prefer to direct your gift to the Mueller College Library Fund, which is also tax deductible, to supply library resources for the school.
If you are in are in a position to make a donations, you can do so at the Cashier’s office or via Paypal.
Please support and help us to build an even better Mueller.