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True Strength

Things really change gears for so many at this time of year. Our Year 12’s begin their final assessments journeys, Years 4 and 6 students head off on camps and interstate tours over the next two weeks, preparations for the final few weeks of the school year start to heat up and all of this is amongst what is typically a lengthy period of the school year.

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The Long Haul

The ‘long haul’ will be different for each of us. It may be just the journey to the end of the week, or the year, or the journey to finishing high school, or getting to retirement. Whatever the length of time, if it feels like a ‘long haul’, then that is real and valid for you and God wants to partner, provide and protect you through it. This does however require action like being joyful, patient and prayerful.

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You have been chosen

“I choose you.” This is the foundation of true, lasting relationships. It is the foundation for God’s relationship with you. As Jesus declared to His disciples, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you...” Jesus chose us in the most difficult of circumstances.

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Free to Learn and Grow

Comparison and judgement are two of the most rife and debilitating snares in life and they have been with us from the minute that fateful decision was made back in the garden of Eden. You don’t have to look far to see how a lot of society almost thrives on these two concepts.

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When the Music Fades

Some of you may be aware of this song ‘The Heart of Worship’ by Matt Redman, a very powerful and popular worship song from the 1990’s. It still has great resonance in many churches today.

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The Fathers Love

At Mueller College our mission statement is: " prepare students for life in the world and eternity by applying Biblical principles through excellent education in a distinctly Christian environment."

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Not Alone At All

When you feel most alone, it may be the very moment when you are truly least alone. God is there in your darkest night and coldest wind. He may be so close you cannot see him, but he is there. And perhaps he has chosen this moment to pull you closer to him than you've ever been before. As the Mueller community bids you farewell for another year, please go knowing you are valued and loved here, and our prayers for you and your family over the break are relentless.

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Four Seasons In One Day

Despite the current weather they say ‘Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next’ and yet Melbourne at times, cops the heading above ‘Four seasons in one day’.  I’m not sure which quote matches where your life situation is right now, yet for many of us, life can feel more like Melbourne weather.

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Live Freely

This is life and we want our culture to be one that celebrates, learning, growing, diversity and inclusion of all students at all times. No matter what is happening in our lives, no matter how well or bad things are, He is always calling us to Him and to live a life with Him, free. Free to love, free to learn, free to forgive and free to grow and share.

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Students always astound me in their ability to show Grace. We see countless displays of this Grace in the student body in the way they handle challenges, seek to forgive and support each other.

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