No more QCS!

Term Three is drawing to a close with students completing assessment and course requirements. It has been a time for students and staff alike where the ‘heads have been down’ as the tasks piled up.

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Contribute in a Positive Way

This time last year, I was getting ready for the USA Homestay Tour with a group of Mueller students. The host school was Prestonwood Christian Academy in Dallas, Texas. One of the memories I have is the huge financial contribution that the community need to make in order for the school to operate. On top of school fees, there are regular giving days and capital funding requests to operate the school. In Australia, we are blessed with government funding to assist the day to day operation of the College as well as capital funding for building works.

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True Strength

Things really change gears for so many at this time of year. Our Year 12’s begin their final assessments journeys, Years 4 and 6 students head off on camps and interstate tours over the next two weeks, preparations for the final few weeks of the school year start to heat up and all of this is amongst what is typically a lengthy period of the school year.

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Seeing the Positive

How do you view the world and your interactions with it? Most people think this is a pretty bad world and few think it is getting better. It really isn't a surprise when we are ritually bombarded with negative press...

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Technology in Schools

I regularly walk around the school on tours with a potential new Mueller family. As we look through classrooms and engage with the student activities, the parents invariably make a comment along the lines of “School has changed a lot since I was there!”

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Foundations of Belonging

In 2015, we published our 2020 Vision and Master Plan for the College. Since then, there has been a lot of construction and most recently the completion of more facilities. The new facilities seem to be the most obvious outworking of the vision, however it is timely to remind ourselves that the 2020 Vision is not about buildings. The buildings are important, but merely the shell in which we go about building a community where all students can ‘belong’ and all students can ‘learn’.

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The Long Haul

The ‘long haul’ will be different for each of us. It may be just the journey to the end of the week, or the year, or the journey to finishing high school, or getting to retirement. Whatever the length of time, if it feels like a ‘long haul’, then that is real and valid for you and God wants to partner, provide and protect you through it. This does however require action like being joyful, patient and prayerful.

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You Are What You Eat

“We found individuals with better quality diets were less likely to be depressed, whereas a higher intake of processed and unhealthy foods was associated with increased anxiety”

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Thank You for a Wonderful Fete!

We couldn’t have asked for better weather on Saturday for the Mueller College Fete. It was yet another terrific day for the Mueller community and I hope that your family enjoyed the rides, food, performances and fireworks.

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