To be Known

Every Monday morning, all Years 5-12 students receive an email to encourage them into the new week. Term 2 has focussed on the second of our values – Everyone is Known and Valued. Below is this week’s email.

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Free to Learn and Grow

Comparison and judgement are two of the most rife and debilitating snares in life and they have been with us from the minute that fateful decision was made back in the garden of Eden. You don’t have to look far to see how a lot of society almost thrives on these two concepts.

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You are Valued

At Mueller, we believe Everyone is to be Known and Valued. Last term we unpacked in different ways what it means that Every Student Matters, and a logical next step is that we are to value each other through getting to know each other.

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Lest We Forget

Welcome to Term Two! I hope that you enjoyed a break over the Easter weekend and holidays, if you were fortunate enough to get some time off that is. It has certainly been a unique schedule so far this week with more time off for students than actual school days! However, it has been a special week. It started off with Easter, an important time where we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and the gift of forgiveness that he gives us. The Easter mega chapel at the end of last term was a powerful reminder of this sacrifice. On Wednesday

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There’s Always Room for One More Friend

It has been a term full of highlights and activities at Mueller. There have been some excellent learning opportunities for students including the commencement of 30 new subjects in Year Eleven and students across the school learning about everything from the quadratic equations to the beginnings of the alphabet in Prep.

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My Living Hope

Next week we will have our Easter megaChapel. As we put together the service, one song stands out as an anthem as part of the program. Words in the chorus state: Jesus Christ, my living hope.

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When the Music Fades

Some of you may be aware of this song ‘The Heart of Worship’ by Matt Redman, a very powerful and popular worship song from the 1990’s. It still has great resonance in many churches today.

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An Outward Focus

Mueller College is in the business of people. I am constantly amazed at how this is so evident and visible around campus on any given school day. And it happens so naturally. It is not out of the ordinary to see staff and students praying together.

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Shave for a Cure!

You are probably aware that next week is a significant week in the Mueller calendar. ‘You Belong’ week at Mueller is great week of community building and opportunities for student to serve one another. It coincides each year with the National Day Against Bullying on the 15th of March and the Leukaemia Foundation, ‘Shave for a Cure’.

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