Don’t lose heart

I have a confession to make that I have never seen the movie, “High School Musical”. Until the 2019 Mueller musical I had no knowledge of who Troy Bolton, Gabrielle Montez, Sharpay Evans or East High school were. My television viewing habits tend to focus more on sport, so this phenomenon was lost on me! At least I was able to watch the musical without knowing the storyline! To add to this, I hadn’t seen or read Jungle Book either so that was new for me as well! The Mueller students and staff did an awesome job of bringing these stories to life.

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Contribute to Community at the Mueller Fete

Mueller has changed over the years. A major change is reflected each year in the College Fete. In the early days, and like most school fetes, the Mueller Fete was held to raise extra funds to purchase resources. The Fete was essential in those days to balance the books. The Fete was also a community celebration and a much anticipated event each year.

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You have been chosen

“I choose you.” This is the foundation of true, lasting relationships. It is the foundation for God’s relationship with you. As Jesus declared to His disciples, “You did not choose Me, but I chose you...” Jesus chose us in the most difficult of circumstances.

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Being in Community

Mueller College is one giant, living, heaving and thriving community. Its boundaries stretch well beyond the school gate – it shares the embrace of the Early Childcare centre, Mueller Community Church and Peninsular Palms Retirement Village. It is one huge living organism.But what contributes to it being such a special and unique community, are the strong community characteristics it possesses. Not just through a catchy slogan or in a convincing mission statement, but evidenced in the actions and the day to day goings on that occur at 75 Morris Road.

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I attempted to make sushi recently and whilst the final product was edible it was a long way from the standard of sushi you buy in a food court, let alone at a restaurant. I researched some tips and discovered the training regime to be a legitimate sushi chef, an itamae, can take up to a decade. In fact, they invest years in the seemingly simple task of making the rice. It is the hallmark of an expert that they make complex tasks look easy, masking their expertise in the process.

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To be Known

Every Monday morning, all Years 5-12 students receive an email to encourage them into the new week. Term 2 has focussed on the second of our values – Everyone is Known and Valued. Below is this week’s email.

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Free to Learn and Grow

Comparison and judgement are two of the most rife and debilitating snares in life and they have been with us from the minute that fateful decision was made back in the garden of Eden. You don’t have to look far to see how a lot of society almost thrives on these two concepts.

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You are Valued

At Mueller, we believe Everyone is to be Known and Valued. Last term we unpacked in different ways what it means that Every Student Matters, and a logical next step is that we are to value each other through getting to know each other.

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