Not Alone At All

When you feel most alone, it may be the very moment when you are truly least alone. God is there in your darkest night and coldest wind. He may be so close you cannot see him, but he is there. And perhaps he has chosen this moment to pull you closer to him than you've ever been before. As the Mueller community bids you farewell for another year, please go knowing you are valued and loved here, and our prayers for you and your family over the break are relentless.

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Grow and Thrive

We have just finished celebrating the graduation of the 2018 school cohort of Year Twelve students and now the Year Eleven students are coming to terms with being the oldest students in the High School! Something that the Year Fives will shortly be doing in the Primary school as well.

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Farewell Class of 2018

This week we congratulate and farewell the class of 2018. One hundred and five graduands complete their thirteen years of schooling at Mueller College. The mix of excitement and sadness is palpable, as they go forth from the safe and secure environment that is the Mueller bubble!

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What type of life do you want for your children? All of us want a life of comfort and success for our children. We would like them to have busy lives of work, with a healthy dose of holidays and family thrown in. Presentation Evening was a celebration of the year’s activity whereby students are preparing for a life of success.

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Four Seasons In One Day

Despite the current weather they say ‘Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next’ and yet Melbourne at times, cops the heading above ‘Four seasons in one day’.  I’m not sure which quote matches where your life situation is right now, yet for many of us, life can feel more like Melbourne weather.

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Destination Syndrome… Do You Have It?

In just a few weeks one hundred and five Year Twelve students will finish a thirteen-year journey, before embarking on their next stage of life. And it is fair to say that as the end approaches and the finish line comes into sight, the Year Twelves are fighting against experiencing a state-of-mind shared by all those on a journey – Destination Syndrome.

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Doing Good Things

I was blessed last week to spend some time at the Year Ten camp at Emu Gully. It was a well-run camp in which the students were challenged by the activities and instructors, as well as just enjoying some time away together and having fun. It also showed the spirit and team-oriented nature of this year level as they willingly pitched in and helped one another.

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Roll on Term 4!

Term 4 can be seen as a ‘lot of work’ or a time of ‘celebration’. At Mueller, we see every person created in God’s image. There are no mistakes in His design, and it is that mindset which will release us to celebrate the term rather than be weighed down by the ‘to-do’ lists. The myriad of events will give each student an opportunity to be celebrated for their gifts, abilities and personality. I encourage you to get involved in the term’s celebrations to see a positive finish to 2018.

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When Opportunity Comes Knocking…

The Melbourne Football Club has not been a part of footy finals action for over a decade. After years of pain of missing out, the oldest sporting club in Australia now finds itself in the enviable position of playing off for a spot in this year’s AFL Grand Final.

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Most students are currently in the middle of completing assignments and exams, especially the Year Twelve students who are experiencing a particularly busy time at the moment. Whilst the important academic work is crucial to student learning, schools are about more than just exams. Some of the great memories of school, moments which people treasure are of the camps and activities undertaken with their school mates. September is certainly the month for that!

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