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Our True Value

Last week, we were reminded by Mr Valese that “God doesn’t make junk” and that every single person is a valuable human being. We know that many of our children and teens don’t see themselves that way, so how might we best support them in valuing themselves in healthy ways?

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Starting Well

Welcome to the start of the 2019 school year. For some students, it’s a return to the comfort and normality of their regular school routine; a time to catch up with old friends, while looking forward to the excitement of new classes, new teachers and new learning.

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Finishing 2018 Well

One of the things that continually fascinates me is the interconnection between body, soul and spirit. If we want to live well-balanced lives, we, and our children need to nurture and be nurtured in each of these areas. My own children are all adults now and one thing I can vouch for is that childhood passes very quickly. 

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Dashed Expectations

For some school-leavers (and their parents) the next few weeks will be a tense time as they await their OP results. Some will have planned what they want to do for a career and know exactly what OP they need to gain entrance to a specific course. After that, comes the wait to find out which course they’ve been accepted into. Tense times, indeed for some.

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