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In my work, certain topics seem to come up time and time again (with different people). Anger seems to be an issue that touches all of us in one way or another – we experience the anger of others, we become angry with others or most of us probably fit into both groups at times!

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Final Thoughts on Reducing Mental Clutter

Our phones are great tools but very poor masters. We ought to be the masters of our devices, not enslaved to them.  You might be thinking – I’m not a slave to my device and that’s fantastic if you’re not. However, what do you do when your phone lets you know that you’ve received a message, or another notification? 

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Pressing Pause

“Do more!”  “Be More!” “Get more!”  “Never Give Up!”  “Push to Reach Your Goals!” “Stop Slacking Off!”  Our devotion to perpetual busyness is not healthy, and if we’re not careful can lead to burnout.

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