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What Gifts Might You Offer?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a person brimming with gifts that you might be able to offer to a world in need of love?  I recently came across this reflection and was really touched by it, so thought I would share it in its entirety. It was penned by Vinita Hampton Wright.

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All relationships go through a “honeymoon” stage. If they didn’t, the human race in western society would probably have died out by now. Falling in love doesn’t require a lot of effort and we see it as a good thing (if we’re single and hoping to meet the right person with whom to spend our lives.)

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Stages of Relationship Development

When a couple marry, expectations are high - their marriage is going to be different! “We aren’t going to fight or disagree… Our love is going to last forever and forever and we’re going to live happily ever after… My partner may have a couple of teeny weeny flaws, but that’ll change soon after we marry… I’m never going to feel sad or lonely again…Marriage is 50/50…”

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