Next week we will have our Easter megaChapel. As we put together the service, one song stands out as an anthem as part of the program. Words in the chorus state:

Jesus Christ, my living hope

Sometimes life is exceptional, other times it can be pretty tough. Regardless of how you feel, the truth remains that the message of Easter is, ‘Jesus is the living hope’. At Mueller, we believe that as a result of sin entering the world, we all need the ‘living hope’ which only Jesus can provide. Education is more than the facts students learn or the skills they acquire. We hope that students will see that the joy and kindness on campus is an expression of the living hope which Jesus has given each one of us. 

Easter megaChapel is a whole 2 weeks before Easter, but the message that Jesus is our living hope is always timely. Next Friday we will have two megaChapel services. Primary students will have megaChapel at the beginning of the day, and Secondaries at 2pm. Parents are welcome at both. 

Paul Valese

Week 9 // News and Updates