Tell us a little about yourself: how long have you been teaching and what are you most passionate about?
I have been teaching Science since 1982, with approximately 10 years off to raise my two kids (ex Mueller College students).
I am passionate about teaching Science with excellence and giving students a reason to love their learning. However, I also have a deep desire to help others reach their God-given potential. That may be through helping set up slum schools in the some of the world’s poorest nations, or tutoring Chemistry after school for free…it is all life giving for me.

We heard you might be shaving your head for a cure this week if we raise enough $$! What made you want to volunteer for this?
Why did I volunteer? Why not? My hair will grow back, but the kids and adults undergoing chemo may lose their lives. I passionately believe that there is a better answer that scientific research can offer. Probably along the lines of immunotherapy that specifically targets the cancer cells without destroying healthy cells. My father and grandfather both died due to the complications of a rare form of blood cancer. It would be wonderful if a breakthrough could be made to eradicate all cancer.

What encouragement could you give to families that are affected by Leukaemia?
For anyone who is affected by blood cancer I hope and pray that they will be healed and that they know they are not alone. We in the Mueller College community care and wish you all the best.