Every Monday morning, all Years 5-12 students receive an email to encourage them into the new week. Term 2 has focussed on the second of our values – Everyone is Known and Valued. Below is this week’s email.
What does it mean to be ‘known’? 
Do you have Instagram? Snapchat? Facebook? Or any of the latest social media platforms. Each of us use our posts to be known by our friends. We put up the photos and stories so that people will get to know the person we want to be. 
But God looks beyond our Insta profile. He knows us at a level which no-one can know us, not even ourselves. God looks at our heart. He knows our thoughts, desires and what we deeply long for. And even though he knows us fully, he still loves us.
Right now, as you read this email, thank God that you are Fully Known and Fully Loved by Him.
The essence of schooling is to learn. Students are engaged in a variety of disciplines according to the gifts and abilities. Further to the education program, we believe that for an education to be effective, a student’s well-being is crucial. At Mueller we believe well-being comes from knowing that ‘you matter’ and are ‘known and valued’. The God of the Bible, the creator of the universe, has made this message clear in His Word.
After you read this article, take some time to value your children and let them know they matter to you.

Paul Valese


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