Mueller has changed over the years. A major change is reflected each year in the College Fete. In the early days, and like most school fetes, the Mueller Fete was held to raise extra funds to purchase resources. The Fete was essential in those days to balance the books. The Fete was also a community celebration and a much anticipated event each year.

A few years ago, I calculated the number of voluntary hours put into the Fete and reconciled this with the amount of money raised. It worked out that people were working for about 20 cents/hour. This means that if everyone donated 20 cents for every hour they were planning to volunteer, we wouldn’t need to go to the trouble of holding a Fete. This highlights the true value of the Fete.

The Fete was then transformed to be built on community rather than fundraising. The purpose of the Fete then shifted to be 100% community focussed. These days, the Fete does not make a profit, and this is why we say the Fete is measured on ‘smiles not dollars’.

At Mueller, we believe that everyone belongs and can contribute to community. The Fete is one of these times, that we can all contribute. If you can help out – fantastic, if you are not in a position to help out, just come along and add to the smiles.

As the countdown to the Fete continues, get excited and start to plan for an amazing community afternoon.

Week 9 // News and Updates