In 2015, we published our 2020 Vision and Master Plan for the College. Since then, there has been a lot of construction and most recently the completion of more facilities. The new facilities seem to be the most obvious outworking of the vision, however it is timely to remind ourselves that the 2020 Vision is not about buildings. The buildings are important, but merely the shell in which we go about building a community where all students can ‘belong’ and all students can ‘learn’.

Belonging is a foundational feeling to feel safe. We are aspirational in that we want our classrooms and playgrounds to be safe places where students can ask questions without being laughed at. When you put a large number of young people together, you are bound to have some issues, however we want to see students with the attitude – everyone has room for one more friend. I am always encouraged by the number of students who greet you around campus, being happy to be at school.

Learning does not look the same for everyone, however we believe that all students can learn. It is hoped that students are always making forward movement towards their goals. These may be academic, cultural, sporting or spiritual and through rich relationships, we see students with a desire to learn.

Our work in the College is underpinned by the Gospel. We have a deep desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ. It is through a knowledge of and relationship with Him that we can have true belonging. We aim to build a community whereby people are valued and are free to learn.

The buildings we have recently moved into are tremendous. They are the bricks and mortar of the vision, yet the heart of the vision for a Mueller education is to see all students challenged in their faith through strong relationships as they discover the world around them.

Paul Valese

Week 5 News