On Monday an official opening ceremony for the new buildings was held, and the Senior Precinct and Industrial Tech buildings were officially named.
The Senior Precinct will be known as the Heazlewood Senior Precinct. As many of you are aware, the Heazlewood family have been an example of faith, obedience and sacrifice throughout the development of the entire Mueller site. It is a privilege to recognise their faith. Just the ‘Heazlewood’ surname has been chosen to recognise not only the Heazlewoods who have had a direct impact upon the College, but also those who served behind the scenes. The name also honours Mr & Mrs Heazlewood Snr who moved to Scarborough in 1959 and through their faith and service at the Redcliffe Christian Assembly impacted many people for the Gospel.
The Industrial Tech building will be known as the Col Krueger Industrial Technology and Design Building. Col was trained as an Industrial Technology teacher and subsequently served as the foundation Secondary Principal for 22 years. His warm hearted approach to relationships and love for the Gospel saw many people saved. Leading a growing school through all of the early challenges, Col never deviated from his desire to see a thriving Christian school in Redcliffe.
Remembering the faith and sacrifices made by the pioneer generation is important as we lay down our own stories of faith as part of the next generation of people called to serve.