On Thursday afternoon during interschool sport there is a Colour Run fundraiser for secondary students.

Parents are reminded to:

  • Accept on Parent Portal
  • On the day, send your child to school with a change of clothes for the run. We recommend a white t-shirt (covering chests and shoulders) so that the colour shows up. Additionally, whilst the powder is said not to stain, it is made of food colouring so we suggest that the students bring old shoes and shorts(appropriate length and fit) to ensure nothing special gets stained. They’ll be able to change into this outfit at lunch time in preparation for the run.
  • We’re not using water so the powder should dust right off, but pack a towel for the student to sit on for the drive home, just in case.
  • Send some baby wipes to school if you really want the students to be cleaned up for the drive home.
  • If your child wants to do the run, but doesn’t want to get covered in colour, they can wear a bright coloured shirt. The volunteers will look out for students in coloured shirts and avoid throwing powder on them.
  • If your child wants to keep their shirt as a memory, soak the shirt in a mixture of water, salt and vinegar to help lock the colour. You can YouTube this for more information.