Term Three is drawing to a close with students completing assessment and course requirements. It has been a time for students and staff alike where the ‘heads have been down’ as the tasks piled up. This is particularly true for the Year Twelve students who have recently completed their QCS (Queensland Core Skills) test requirements followed by an intense period of subject exams and assignments. On top of this many student battled illness and the general fatigue which comes with Term Three.

The unique opportunity of a QCS test is the fact that your personal mark does not have a direct bearing on your own OP score rather it is the group or cohort score which is significant. Therefore, the students striving to achieve well is not only about personal success but group benefit. It is a difficult set of tests where the average score hovers around just below 50% and is an uncomfortable experience for many. Whilst we won’t know the results for our students until November their strong effort was evident during the preparation phase, which commenced in January, and the seven hours of exams. No student left early, they pushed right to the end of each exam and gave an effort of which they should be, and we are very proud.

In fact, 2019 was the final ever QCS test and each year level following behind this one will sit external exams for each subject instead. The new system will have its benefits and the current one needed upgrading. Whilst I don’t think anyone will miss the QCS test it did provide a unique opportunity for students to use their academic gifts to benefit others in the year level. Interestingly, Mueller students have often outperformed their personal results with their QCS score which is a testament to their commitment to one another.

The QCS test didn’t really develop the character of students however it certainly revealed the many honourable character traits of our students and their willingness to invest time and effort into the community.

Todd Langford

Week 10 News