It is time to cast our next production which will be a play with music rather than a musical. This will permit the strong acting talent in the school to shine (without the need to sing), but also permit individual student musicians and singers who don’t want to act to get a chance to perform.

The play is Little Women adapted by Joanna Ratcliffe from the books by Louis Alcott. The focus is on four sisters growing up during and after the American Civil War.

The play is open to students who will be in Years 6-12 in 2020. There are 18 roles: 12 female and 6 male. Please note, there are only four roles for Primary students as the Lion King is Years 4-8 in 2021.

ACTING Auditions will be held in Week 5 in the E4 Drama space.
Tuesday Morning tea and lunch
Wednesday morning tea and lunch
Wednesday Sport (for Seniors only)
Wednesday after school until 4:00

Auditions are in groups of four or five in ten minute blocks. To audition, you must sign up at the Arts office (D16)

Audition pieces are available at the Arts office. You can either select a scene and work on it as a group, OR write down your name for any time and read the scripts through a few times before the audition day. You will then read the scene with other students in your time slot

It is not compulsory for actor, but some may elect to sing a verse of Amazing Grace (traditional version) unaccompanied.

SINGING and MUSIC auditions will be in Week 6, same sign up procedure, same venue as the actors but only at the times listed for the Wednesday. You can audition individually or in pairs. All singing is either unaccompanied, or accompanied by an acoustic instrument which a friend can play, or you can play yourself. The song must be by Stephen Foster, or be a traditional English or Irish ballad, a traditional Christian hymn like ‘Amazing Grace’. The play is set 1860-1880. You only need to play/sing a verse and chorus.

Guitars, ukeleles, harmonicas, violins, fiddles, flutes all are very welcome.
Depending on the talent we see, we will build a section of the show around your song if you are cast.

For more information contact the arts department on