2020 Student Leadership Teams

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Congratulations to our 2020 Student Leadership team! We encourage and support you in your new roles and look forward to seeing you contributing to the Mueller community in 2020.

Captains: Tim Wilson and Melitta Bryant
Vice Captains: Eric Yun and Ella-Rose GyntherSport Prefects: Caelee Lewis and Susy Kuypers
Chapel Prefects: Miriam Williamson and Robert Smith
Arts Prefects: Caitlin Cairns and Lily Hoger
Academic Prefects: Nikita Mathison and Noah Behan
Primary Prefects: Lily Satchell, Keziah Aquinde and Harry Stiller
Service Prefects: Tione Zylstra, Allison Litke and Chelsea ShannonMiddle School Captains: Ruth Hart and Asher Ghali
Middle School Vice Captains: Talitha Thomson and Kevin MathewPRIMARY SCHOOL:
Primary School Captains: Layla Gunsser and Hayden Young
Primary School Vice Captains: Indi West and Eli Peacock
The complete Primary School Leadership Team will be announced at Monday’s assembly.

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