At Mueller, we see a student’s schooling so much more than a report card. A report card is a measurement of ability with the assignments, exams, pracs and performances all distilled down to a letter from A to E. This makes for an easy measure. But a student’s school experience is so much more than that.

Your child’s report card does not measure their humour, care for their friends, the times they laughed with their friends, the enjoyment of performing, all the good times, and tough times.

A report card is not the absolute true reflection of who your child is. Of course we want students to achieve their goals, but we never want a student to feel as though their report card is a true reflection of themselves. When we look at a student, we see beyond the As and Bs. We see someone who has been knit together by an infinite creator, someone who is worth knowing.

And for Mueller’s 29 year history, that has never changed, because the Word of God which says this has never changed.

As we close out the year, and start the process of reporting, please be encouraged that your child is a gift from God, created unique to be a reflection of Him.

Paul Valese

Week 5 News