2020 School Leaders

Our 2020 School Leaders have officially started in their duties. We are excited to see how they will contribute to the Mueller community this year.

Your School Student Leaders are:


Captains: Tim Wilson and Melitta Bryant
Vice Captains: Eric Yun and Ella-Rose Gynther
Sport Prefects: Caelee Lewis and Susy Kuypers
Chapel Prefects: Miriam Williamson and Robert Smith
Arts Prefects: Caitlin Cairns and Lily Hoger
Academic Prefects: Nikita Mathison and Noah Behan
Primary Prefects: Lily Satchell, Keziah Aquinde and Harry Stiller
Service Prefects: Tione Zylstra, Allison Litke and Chelsea Shannon

Middle School Captains: Ruth Hart and Asher Ghali
Middle School Vice Captains: Talitha Thomson and Kevin Mathews


Primary School Captains: Layla Gunsser and Hayden Young
Primary School Vice Captains: Indi West and Eli Peacock
Service Ambassador: Aurora Grady and Riley Clark
Arts Ambassador: Charlotte Westaway and Eamon Rodriguez
Chapel Ambassador: Eallyn Kelly and James Hart
Sports Ambassador: Rylee Smith and Neil Kotze
Stradbroke House Captain: Analeigh Pittman and Carter Parcell
Bribie House Captain: Charlotte Brown and Elijah Matautia
Morton House Captain: Ellie Lean and Lincoln Blattman
Fraser House Captain: Christopher Watts and Toby White