I have been really impressed with the start to the 2020 school year, not only in terms of all the logistics, timetables, and other administrative elements that have been sorted; but also in the way the students across the entire campus have returned and started the school year.

College life is now in full swing. Already Year Eleven parents and students have engaged in an Information evening this week, staff were commissioned last Sunday, the Primary Swimming Carnival and Twilight Secondary Swimming Carnival have been run (weather permitting) and the new Health Room, Chaplains offices, lunchtime programs and sport are all up and running.

Despite this initial rush, which started a good month ago when there were hectic afternoons purchasing uniforms, sorting stationary, and timetables being accessed and checked; there has been a real calm and peace around the College, evident in both the primary and secondary sub-schools. Parents and families have been amazing too, showing flexibility and grace during drop-off and pick-up in the midst of traffic and parking construction works.

Most impressive has been the students. For the first couple of weeks their behaviour has been exemplary, uniforms in order and personal presentation of a very high standard. For that they are to be commended. Walking around the school I observe classrooms with students and teachers locked in engaging lessons. I hear students who are excited and enthusiastic about their subjects and curriculum content. I see students enjoying all the new facilities and spaces that have been completed over the holiday break. I witness students welcoming and supporting the new students starting out at Mueller College. I observe teachers praying with students, and teachers praying together on a Thursday morning before school.

Mueller College remains much more than a school!

The student body was challenged from the very first assembly this year, to approach this school year as a blank canvass. What they make of it is largely up to them and their approach to learning, each other and the Mueller community. Opportunities will be plentiful to serve, contribute, participate, grow, thrive and find belonging. They just need to be looking for them and take them. They were reminded of the many supports to be accessed in both the teaching and learning and the pastoral elements of school.

The huge Mueller College engine has been cranked up and is now firing. From here it is full steam ahead.

Ben Stiller


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