When the Prep students arrived on Thursday they were shocked to find that the Gingerbread Man they baked the day before went missing!

The video evidence (below) was conclusive, he had run away! We looked all around the classroom and playground with no luck. So we made a wanted poster so everyone knew what he looked like. We went looking around the school, following the clues the Gingerbread Man left us and asked many people for help. Unfortunately the front office, library, school nurses, chappies, Mrs Irwin, Mr Valese, Mr Mills and Mrs Grady said he ran away before they could capture him!

When we arrived back up to class we found him hiding and we decided to eat him! The Prep students were also able to decorate the Gingerbread Man biscuit they created the day before. We had a great time exploring the big school and meeting all the important people on the way.