Our annual Primary Swimming Carnival was held last week at the Albany Creek Leisure Centre. Students participated in either 50m or 25m races, and had the chance to go wild in the water park throughout the day. A big congratulations to Bribie who came out on top as the champion house. Well done to everyone who jumped in and gave their best. Below are our Runners up and Age champions for 2020.

Age Champions 2020
8 Year Olds
Runner up – Sarah Dwyer & Azakai Bulger
Age Champion – Amber Bosch & Hudson Sturges

9 Year Olds
Runner up – Zarah Gould & Slater Peet
Age Champion – Ellie Clarke & Markus Bradley

10 Year Olds 
Runner up – Samuella Faulkner & Deon Kotze
Age Champion – Caitlyn Lloyd & Declan Barlow

11 Year Olds
Runner up –  Lilly Goodrick & Hunter Peet
Age Champion – Lydia Young, Charlotte Bradley & Carter Parcell, Tex Copeland

12 Year Olds
Runner up – Holly James & Neil Kotze
Age Champion – Rylee Smith & Hayden Young