It has been great to see some rain falling over the last couple of weeks, despite the disruption it has caused to the regular activities of the school. It also caused a delay in the completion of the additional parking and drop-off zone at the ‘oval-end’ of Wattle Road. The great news is that on Monday afternoon the trucks started rolling in and the bitumen was being laid. We are all looking forward to the extra parking space and the easing of some of the congestion which parents endure each day.

Along with this, the classrooms at the back of the library which will house the Year Nine classes are also nearing completion and should be ready to be occupied by students within the next fortnight. They are designed in the same style as H-Block with lots of glass and are excellent learning spaces. I am sure that the students will find them engaging and inviting classrooms and will enjoy being taught in there.

The great thing about building projects is that there is a defined end point when we can enjoy the finished product. In schools, our most important work is people. Seeing the growth and development of students and teachers is an noble pursuit which never seems to have an end point. In fact, as we work through Week Four some of the ‘new year energy’ has worn off and some of the habits we were hoping to develop may not have eventuated. Students and teachers alike can find this process frustrating and discouraging, adversely affecting their disposition towards their studies.

A simple strategy that has been shown to be effective in not only students but adults is called ‘What went well?” This exercise of reflecting on your day and identifying successful aspects, even if they are as simple as three things your learned today, has positive affects on wellbeing and attitude towards study (Seligman, 2012). The Bible tells us to ‘count our blessings’, and it is good advice for all of us to practice. Enjoy your week!

Todd Langford


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