Mr Gater’s Year 10 Industrial Technology students have spent much of Term 1 working on completing a table with folding legs. This week their projects neared completion as they applied the finishing touches.

The design and measurements for the table were provided for the students however they were able to add their own personal touch by choosing an image to laser engrave onto the surface. One student, who will no doubt receive some parental brownie points, chose his father’s business logo to etch onto his table.

This project serves as a building block to next term’s work where they will be able to infuse their own creativity into projects by having the opportunity to participate in the conception and design process.

As a reminder to classes, the Industrial Technology motto hangs on the wall of the workspace – ‘Make it Good, Dream it Better, Give Your Best.’ Students are encouraged to integrate these principles into not only the work they produce but to their processes and working relationships. For some this week ‘Give Your Best’ means completing their project with excellence while for others it will mean lending their focus by helping to continue projects of absent students so they can keep their work up to date.