As a school we have made changes to our routines and programs and anticipate that more is to come. Staff have also been dealing with the day-to-day effect on their classrooms and preparing for an unclear picture of how education will be delivered in the coming months.

‘Preparing for Online learning’ is the phrase that all schools are using and it accurately describes the work we are doing. We are blessed with a platform which can facilitate the delivery of content, tasks and communication with students. However, successfully learning from home, which is new to all of us, will need to be more than putting some powerpoint slides and questions on an online platform. Learning is collaborative, and we will develop our skills and processes in this area as we progress, depending on the timeline of online learning.

Our goals for this time are to provide reasonable and achievable workloads for students which they can be optimistic about engaging with.

Whilst online learning has its challenges, we want learning to be enjoyable for students. Despite an unknown period of time ahead we care about families, parents and students and want learning to play a positive role in getting through the coming months. We will make some mistakes; we will have to change plans at times, but we are committed to doing our best for the families of Mueller College. This includes the families of our teachers who are working through this themselves.

You can expect to hear more detailed plans over the coming days of the ‘what and how’. Our heart remains the same, for students to grow and thrive and to belong and contribute to community. Take care, practice social distancing and look after yourselves and each other over.

Todd Langford


Term 1 News