Cooking with Valese – Family Dinner Night

It is likely that there may be an extra level of anxiety and pressure in your household. To help out and provide a fun and productive activity, each week the Head of College will be publishing a video – Cooking with Valese Family Dinner Night.

The video will be published each Wednesday (starting next week), and will be a step by step cooking video to work alongside your child/ren to cook a nice meal. It would then be great to upload a photo of your Family Dinner Night to facebook. There will be a ‘Family Dinner Night’ post on the Mueller College facebook page on Wednesdays where you can leave your photo as a comment.

Let’s see the whole Mueller community sit down to a meal together every Wednesday night.

Next week you will need the following ingredients…


Chicken thighs or legs – preferably bone-in (enough to feed your family)

500ml butter milk

Paprika or other spice of your choice

Potato (enough to feed your family)

Corn cob (enough to feed your family)

Fresh rosemary

Other items you will have in your pantry (salt, oil, butter)