Home-based online learning is not in our DNA, we much prefer to have everyone on campus. Nevertheless, we have relished the opportunity to try new things. It has been a steep learning curve for staff and no doubt for your family. Thank you for your understanding and partnering with us as we face this challenge together.

The founding of Mueller College was on the principle of the importance of education to society and through this, tell people of the hope that can be found in Jesus. In the past 30 years this has not changed and even more so in these days of uncertainty, the message of hope is needed more than ever before.

The photo above was taken in early March, and if you were to gather students like this today there would be an outcry. Who would have thought that in the space of a few short weeks our society would be transformed to be suspicious that everyone you meet is infected with a virus! Our lives have been turned upside down and future uncertain.

Psalm 55 makes a simple plea – Cast your burden on the Lord. Easy words to understand, maybe difficult to do. We want to hold on to our pride and troubles. To put our faith in a God we cannot see is just too difficult. But the Bible reveals a God who is real, walk this earth, lived like you, had burdens like you and His name is Jesus. We can cast our burdens on Him in these uncertain times.

Paul Valese


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