Together with our Seniors, the Prep’s and Year 1’s have been our Term 2 trailblazers, paving the way for the return of the rest of the school. This week we thought we’d get a Prep perspective on the process of, what must feel like, starting school all over again, and the impending arrival of the ‘big kids’ next week.

Kyra, James, Ruby, Allie, Ayla, and Glendower of Mrs Lane’s Prep Blue had a chat…

How did you feel about coming back to school last week?

Kyra – I was excited to come back.

James – I was excited ’cause I gotted to see all my friends. My brother in Year 2 really wants to come back to school.

Ayla – It was great that I get to see my most, most, most, most, most favourite friend which is Mikaela.

Allie – I miss being at home. I miss being with mummy and my little brother. I was having rests at home and sleeping in my own bed and I miss my blanket teddy.

How do you think Mrs Lane felt about you coming back to school?

Ruby – She misses me. She called us and she says she’s missing us.

What do you think about all the big kids coming back to school soon?

Glendower – I don’t want the big kids to come back because we get dropped off in the morning far away and it takes so long to walk in.

Ayla – It’s exciting cause I might get to see my cousin when she comes back to school.