For, what will hopefully be, the last of our Mueller at Home articles we check in with the Daff family. Year 10 student, Blake, shares a picture of his newfound study buddy and takes us into his kitchen as he whips up some jam drops. Mum, Katrina, shares some encouragement for the school community.

How are you feeling about online school?

Online schooling is interesting and a fun way to learn.

What do you miss about school on campus?

I miss seeing my friends.

What do you think is the best thing about online learning?

The fact that I am able to work at my own pace.

Mum, Katrina shares…

How are you, as a parent, feeling about online learning?

I love having my child with me and seeing exactly what he is doing in classes. I am going to miss having his face here every day when he returns to school.

Have you experienced any unexpected positives during this season?

Yes definitely. I found my son is performing a lot better than when he is at school as he is able to learn at his own pace. Being able to take his time reading all the information with no set time limits.

Has there been a scripture/family motto/mantra that has helped?

Yes, simply take every minute of the day as it comes. Get outside and exercise at least once a day. Make time to connect through the day and see how your friends are also going, lending support if needed.

Also, I just wanted to say how proud I am to be a part of the Mueller community. Everything has run very very smoothly in such a stressful time everything has been well organised and the teachers have been extremely awesome in the way have they have organised everything so well.