If there has ever been a needed holiday, the recent June holidays were it. After a season of uncertainty and change, I am sure your family was ready for a break from school. I trust the holiday was a time of refreshment and you are now ready to get back to normal school.

The priority for this term is normal school. As students return, we are hopeful they will sense that things are back to normal. Behind the scenes, we clean more and teachers are taking COVID precautions, but on the surface, students will enjoy Assembly, Chapel and other important cultural events.

An important event this term is Beanie for Brain Cancer Day. We are excited about students being able to make a contribution to this important cause. One of the Mueller values is that ‘Everyone Belongs and can Contribute to Community’. The COVID season has made it difficult to promote a sense of belonging and isolation has made it difficult for our students to contribute to community. Beanies for Brain Cancer is a great opportunity to contribute to a cause which is personal to our community.

Education is more than reading, writing and arithmetic. As students leave the Mueller bubble, we would like to see them think beyond themselves. To instil in students a desire to contribute to the broader community is an important part of a Mueller education.

Paul Valese

Term 3 News