Sometimes we come across things and we think, “Wow, that makes a lot of sense!”  Recently I saw this post and felt that way about it. It contains good advice for adults and we could have fun encouraging our children to adopt some of the practices. It contains some great life skills that are worth passing onto them too. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find out who authored it.  In coming weeks, I’d like to delve more deeply into some of the points raised.

Live beneath your means.

Return everything you borrow.

Stop blaming other people.

Admit it when you make a mistake.

Give clothes not worn to charity.

Do something nice and try not to get caught.

Listen more; talk less.

Every day take a 30-minute walk.

Strive for excellence, not perfection.

Be on time. Don’t make excuses.

Don’t argue. Get organized.

Be kind to unkind people.

Let someone cut ahead of you in line.

Take time to be alone.

Cultivate good manners.

Be humble.

Realize and accept that life isn’t [always] fair.

Know when to keep your mouth shut.

Go an entire day without criticizing anyone.

Learn from the past.

Plan for the future.

Live in the present.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.

It’s all small stuff.

I thought I would add a few more lines to it:


Be thankful for what you do have.

Express your gratitude to others and to God.

Seek God with all your heart.

Pay attention when others talk to you – especially your children.

When struggling, consider the bigger picture.

Disconnect from Technology on a regular basis.

Enjoy family meals on most nights of the week.

Observe a regular Sabbath day – a day of rest.


Don’t schedule every moment.

Don’t hold onto grudges.

Get enough sleep.

Move your body frequently.

Be grateful that you can move!

What might you like to add?