Last week 2 Orange had an opportunity to present a persuasive talk to Mr Valese in assembly. They chose to address the topic of extra playtime and were met with a thunderous applause of support from the rest of the Primary school. It appears their bid was successful, at least for them, with the class getting to enjoy an extra period on the playground. Read their persuasive talk below…

“Listen up, Mr Valese! Do you want your students to be joyful and recharged? We need an extra 30 minutes of playtime! Keep reading to find out why.
Firstly, extra playtime would make us healthier. Exercise makes us fit and healthy. Climbing, running, jumping, kicking, sliding and skipping all help to make us strong. This is the first reason why we should have extra playtime.
Secondly, extra playtime gives our brains a break. Our brain will have the chance to regenerate and help us focus our attention on learning. We work so hard all day long so we need to reward our brains. This is the second reason why we should have extra playtime.
Thirdly, extra playtime gives us time to spend with our friends. We don’t get to see our friends at home and we will be happy to spend more time with them at school. This is the last reason why us kids should have extra playtime.
Did you catch all that, Mr Valese? Please, let us have more playtime. The whole school is begging you! We can have a brain break, get healthier and hang out with our friends. You want kids to come to school and be happy, don’t you?”