Term Four is an exciting term which is focused on honouring student achievements, seeing the culmination of student learning and progress, and celebrating the end of the year. We are looking forward to celebrating the Mueller students, albeit in a Covid-safe and therefore more restrained way than usual.

2020 has been a strange year but it has still seen many students doing great work and achieving well. When the year started there was the usual optimism and energy about the possibilities and opportunities. This can wane at the best of times and it has certainly been challenged this year. However, we are only in October so there is also the opportunity for all students and staff to finish the year well!

Finishing well is so much more difficult than starting well! Usain Bolt, the only sprinter to win three 100m and 200m Olympic Gold medals consecutively, is not the fastest runner because he reaches the highest speed. His secret is that he slows down the least over the course of the race. When others are starting to fade, as is the natural human reaction to exertion, he maintains a relaxed posture and powerful stride to finish the race well. In fact, Usain Bolt’s secret is not moving his legs quicker but generating more power with each step. Making the most of his opportunities. So effective was this technique, he was often able to overcome a blown start to the race.

There is only a sprint to the end left for all of us in this year, one which many of us may have not started well. We have all made mistakes and missed opportunities this year, but we can all finish well. Jesus, as always shows us the way by redeeming our missteps and our mistakes and through his grace allowing us the chance to try again. His example is also clear to us in that he “completed the work you (God) gave me to do” (John 17:4). Our prayer for all students and families is that you will enjoy the rest of the year and finish the race well!

Todd Langford

Term 4 News