One of the unique ‘Queensland’ experiences I enjoy this time of the year are the afternoon storms that roll through. I feel a little excitement stirring in me with the build-up that begins in the early afternoon. Dark clouds start rolling in, the temperature drops, and it gets eerily dark for only 4 o’clock in the afternoon. There is the mad scramble to get under cover once the winds pick up, and to get home before the torrential downfall and potential hail arrives.

During the summer months, these storms arrive at all times of the day and night. Sometimes you go to sleep to one, other times you wake to one. What I find especially cool is the post day-storm rainbow. Especially if it is stretching across a still darkened sky as its backdrop. They attract the gaze of every onlooker, causing people to pause and look, pull out their phone for a photo, and search the sky for the chance of seeing the even more amazing – double arc!

While the absolute beauty and brilliance of a rainbow always captures my attention and gaze, it is the significance of what it means and represents that amazes my inner being. As it was for Abraham and his family, it is a reminder to me of God’s never-ending faithfulness to His children. For all those who call on His name, place their trust in Him, yield and surrender their lives to His purpose and direction, He promises to journey with us through every storm life throws our way. While He does not remove the storms of life for us, He walks with us through them, provides a way through, and is the source of comfort, peace, strength, hope, joy, courage and encouragement in the midst of those storms.

As it was for Abraham and his family, whenever I see the rainbow now, I am reminded to give an offering of thanks and praise to the one who remains forever faithful to me.

Ben Stiller

Term 4 News