We are so proud of our aircraft build team. Many of the students have displayed impressive leadership, teamwork and problem-solving skills. It’s wonderful to watch them working confidently with the tools and ensuring their work is of a high standard.
Because of their great work, the SAAA (Sport Aircraft Association of Australia) build is considerably ahead of schedule and should be finished in the next 4 weeks. The wing will then be shipped to Narramine to be assembled into the finished aircraft ready to hit the skies for Ausfly in April 2021.
Work this session included installing the wing wiring for the strobe/navigation lights, completing riveting of all nose and main ribs to the spar, and riveting wingtip trailing edge rib to the wing spar. They also completed all rivets on the flapperon internal parts and more.
The students cleaned up their work area, placed rubber matting on the benches and turned the wing over, ready for the skins to be attached next week.
Thank you to our wonderful volunteer mentors and to the sponsors: AvPlan EFB, C&H Freight, Garmin, QBE, SAAA Chapter 22, SAAA Chapter 24 and Swish Project.