Last Thursday and Friday, Year 6 went around the school doing fun activities. These activities helped build friendship and resilience. They taught us new skills and how to adapt to things. We loved doing the activities together as a class and we also got to wear our class colours. The activities we got to do were canoeing, orienteering, archery, initiative games and rock climbing.

When we went canoeing we had to work as a team to collect balls for our team. Luckily we didn’t capsize or we would’ve been wet the whole day. Next, we did orienteering, where we had to run around the school finding cones to find a secret message. Then we went into the bush to find a secret message as well. We then went to archery and tried to hit the target. If we did, we would get a trophy of a popped balloon.

The next day we played games where we had to work as a team. We then went back to the classroom to play silent ball. After lunch we did rock climbing which was so fun. We had help from some high schoolers who were really nice about it. Overall the camp was a great experience.

Ever Cunningham – 6Y