On Monday evening our Year 6 cohort gathered to celebrate their Primary School journey coming to a close. Family and friends were able to attend to see the students receive their Certificate of Graduation along with a special gift from the school. In return, each student handed in a letter they had written to themselves, which will be kept safe and gifted back to them on their Senior school graduation in 2026.

The five classes had a moment to reflect on their time together before each teacher prayed a blessing over their students. Mr Valese encouraged Year 6 to remember that as they approach the new environment of Middle School, that everything changes – they don’t have to walk around the school in lines anymore! – and everything stays the same – they are still valued as individuals created in the image of God.

Students were recognised for their achievements through subject and academic excellence awards over the course of the night. Special awards were given to the following students…

Petrie Shield Award for contribution in the Arts – Charlotte Westaway

Petrie Shield Award for contribution in Sport – Rylee Smith

Petrie Shield Award for contribution through Leadership & Service – Fallyn Kelly

Asher Mashonganyika Memorial Mateship Award – Elijah Matautia

We wish our Year 6 cohort all the best as they venture into a new chapter in 2021.

Scroll through below to get a taste of the evening…