Each Friday staff gather in small groups to pray and encourage one another in their work from the past week. These Growth Groups are an important part of promoting staff wellbeing and a positive way to share the load. One of the Growth Groups consists of all the new staff to Mueller. Last week, the newbies to Mueller listened to stories from Roland and Robyn Heazlewood, pioneers of Mueller College.

As we sat in a classroom filled with brand new furniture, Roland told the story of visiting auctions to furnish a growing school. He made the point that in the early 1990s, he was able to furnish the entire school for the cost of the furniture we were sitting on. Another story outlined the surprise cheque they received the day a large invoice was due. These are remarkable stories of God’s provision to provide just what the College needed to get started.

The early days also required much sacrifice. Families worked long days without being paid and even sold their homes, donating the proceeds to the construction of the College. The incredible facilities we have today are a result of the many sacrifices and faithful service of the pioneers of Mueller College.

The stories Roland and Robyn shared were told to show God’s provision and goodness. In 2021, we do not need to sell our houses to fund the next building project and we do not need to visit the auctions to purchase second hand furniture. This doesn’t mean that God is absent. God’s provision in 2021 is all around us.

We give thanks to God for the sacrifices of the pioneer generation and recognise that the thriving Mueller community is a continued blessing to us all.

Paul Valese

Term 1 News