Is the honeymoon over? The start of the school year is exciting.  Returning students might look forward to seeing friends, a new classroom, new pencils and new teachers.  Students who are starting at Mueller may have been excited about changing schools, going to ‘big school’ for the first time or being at the same place as a sibling.  The beginning of something feels like an adventure, a novelty and somehow that makes us feel brave.

It’s been a little over 3 weeks since school began and maybe it feels like the honeymoon period is over in your family.  The novelty of going back to school has worn off and the reality has set in.  If your child is in Prep or Year 1, they are realising they have to come everyday and they miss playing.  If they are older they are realising that the work is harder than last year and fitting back in with friends is taking time.  Or maybe there are some in your family who are really tired, it takes time to get ‘school fit’ again.

Hang in there!  The excitement and joy does return, it just takes time to find a new groove.  Below are a few ideas to help with settling into the new year:

  1. Focus on the positives of the day by framing questions differently. Eg. What went well today?  What was something funny that happened?  What did you do to help someone today?
  2. Allow time for a relationship to build with your child’s teacher/s.  A new teacher does things a little differently and the bond is still forming.  Help with creating that bond by speaking positively about the new teacher and pointing out some of the different things that could be really great.
  3. Set small goals for area’s that your child is working on.  This could be naming one positive about the day, letting go of a parents hand when it’s time to say goodbye, being ready before a parent in the morning.  It’s great to celebrate progress, no matter how small. You could even work towards a treat at the end of the week, like a popcorn and movie night.
  4. Having friends helps with the tough days.  Arrange play dates to further develop friendships.
  5. Talk with your child’s teachers about your concerns.  We have incredible teachers who truly value each child and desire to see them grow and thrive.

The best support we can offer our kids though, is the promises of Jesus.  In Matthew 28:20 Jesus says ‘And you can be sure that I am always with you, to the very end.’

In every tough goodbye, friendship difficulty or schoolwork problem, He is there.  He is only ever a prayer away and wants to journey with us through whatever we are going through.

Sarah Grady

Term 1 News