We did it!! This year we optimistically aimed to raise $40,000 for the Leukaemia Foundation and as a school community we achieved it last Thursday. Officially we have now raised over $45,000. A huge THANK YOU to all of you within and beyond the immediate Mueller community who were generous in donating or contributing to those students who coloured, cut or shaved their hair, and through the sale of items at the Orange Stall. It was an amazing effort and such a great reminder of the hugely generous community we have here at Mueller College.

One of the College values statements is ‘Everyone Belongs and Can Contribute to Community’. The message of ‘You Belong’ is evident on campus and out of this belonging comes a willingness to make a contribution. Last week we saw this in the form of support for the Leukaemia, however we can contribute everyday in some small way. This might look like a smile, a passing hello, sharing an umbrella in the rain or shouting a friend a coffee. At Mueller, we are not perfect, but we are aspirational and hope that the last week’s celebration will continue to transform our community.

Next Thursday is our Easter megaChapel. Easter megaChapel is the most significant service of the year and we warmly welcome parents to come along. The message of Easter is a demonstration of the ultimate contribution – God sent his own Son to pay the penalty for our sins. Set aside some time next Thursday, more details to come.

Paul Valese

Term 1 News