The Community Cupboard is located in the Foyer on the far right wall on Level 3, MPAC. It is open to all families within the Mueller Community and has groceries and basic essentials available for FREE to take whenever you need them – no questions asked. The shelves are all labelled so you can ‘shop the shelves’ of the cupboard. Otherwise, we have also pre-packed some ‘grab & go’ bags. These are grocery bags that have all the ingredients you would need to prepare a meal for a family of 4 or 6.

The cupboard can either be accessed by students after school until 4pm, or by Adults during business hours (8am – 4pm, Monday – Friday) and (8:30am – 12pm, Sunday). If you require any more information please feel free to contact our School Chaplains on Ph. 07 3897 2990 or email our Mueller Community Church Pastoral team »