Laughing, running, dancing and singing were all in abundance last week at our Early Years Week.  Students in Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 all enjoyed an action-packed week celebrating how great it is to be under 8.  The theme of the week was ‘Children Celebrating Outdoor Play and Learning’.  We truly value our youngest students in the school and have loved watching them learn new skills and enjoy lots of outdoor activities this past week.

The week kicked off with the Cross Country.  The highlight for many students was the ice block at the end of the race.  My highlight was seeing so many students cheering on their classmates, siblings and students they didn’t know.  Even though they were weary by the last 30m, they ran so hard, as the cheers of those around them lifted their spirits and gave them the energy they needed to finish well.

Students danced and sang their way through Wednesday afternoon at the disco, which included plenty of snow and bubbles.  They then fronted up with the same energy for Tabloid Sports on Thursday.  Students loved shooting arrows at targets and raced each other in running races and through the inflatable obstacle course.  It was so wonderful to have parents helping at Tabloid Sports.  Activities were made so much richer by parent help and participation.

We were thankful to be able to welcome grandparents into our classes and Chapel on Friday.  Students were so excited to show off their work and participate in games and learning tasks with grandparents.  How blessed we are to have so many students in our community with multiple generations investing in their lives.

At Grandparents Chapel we were reminded how loved we are by God, both little children and grandparents.  In Matthew 19:14 Jesus said

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.” 

Whether we are young or been on the earth for a few more rotations, the God of the universe always has time for us.  He desires that we come before him with childlike trust and openness.  God is always ready and waiting to hear from us, we just need to call out.

Sarah Grady

Term 2 News