Kyle Armstrong is taking the lead in the upcoming Secondary musical playing the title character, Aladdin. We sat down with him to find out learn about his approach to the upcoming production…

What are you most looking forward to about the performances?

I haven’t got to do a show with all of my close mates before so it will be interesting to watch their experience of the craziness of performing a live show.

Have you been in a musical before?

I’ve been doing musical theatre since I was seven years old and have probably been in over one hundred productions at this stage. It’s a passion of mine.

What would you tell younger kids who dream of playing a lead role one day?

Don’t be afraid. You need to embrace being vulnerable in front of people. I’d encourage them to go for it because it’s something cool that not a lot of people get to experience.

Which show do you think people should come to see?

Typically opening night is the craziest, closing night is the most polished, but the matinee is the best show.

Tickets for Aladdin are on sale NOW – click below to reserve your seat.