The curtains went up on ‘Aladdin’ over the weekend as our Secondary students finally took to the stage. Over 2000 people flowed through the doors of MPAC to watch the show and by all accounts, were blown away with the talent and effort poured into the production.

There was a flurry of activity before each show with crew perfecting costumes with amazing hair and makeup, preparing props ready to set the scene, and stoking last minute nerves into performance energy. Out the front, Mr Scherer’s Hospitality students took on ticket and program sales.

Visually spectacular from start to finish, the show brought laughter as the mischievous ‘Genie’, doting ‘Iago’ and food-crazed ‘Babkak’ pulled us into the story. A delighted gasp was heard as Jasmine & Aladdin’s magic carpet took to the skies of Agrabahn, and the room burst into applause as the whole cast lit up the ‘Cave of Wonders’ with their spectacular dancing and pyrotechnics.

The cast were buzzing after the closing show with many wanting to linger in their costumes and happily take photos with the audience in the specially created photo booth. After hundreds of hours of preparation, and a huge 24 hours of performing, we hope everyone who contributed to bringing the Mueller community such a wonderful show is now putting their feet up for some well deserved rest!