All of the Year 2 Students participated in an excursion to the Boondall Wetlands last week to learn about connections from an Aboriginal perspective.

Brisbane City Council hosted Ricky who delivered a fun program and kept the students focused. Ricky demonstrated traditional hair decorating using clay and emu feathers and then the students had their faces painted with ochre, using different designs and hair styles. The students learnt the technique of fire making with wooden poles and paperbark but thankfully need a little more practice to ignite this skill! They were more successful with boomerang throwing.

Secondly, the students went on an informative bush walk learning how the bush is like a supermarket with many resources of food and tools. Finally,the students created stories using Aboriginal symbols, which in the past have overcome the difficulties in communication across many languages. Parent helpers, teachers and aides, along with the students, all enjoyed hands on learning and participation. There were many smiles and the students embraced their learning with eagerness. Thanks to all those who supported our days.

Mrs Ann Culwick