Humanities Week is in full swing with fun activities happening every day highlighting fields from Geography to Debating, English to History, and everything in between.

Keep an eye on facebook for more updates throughout the week. Scroll through the galleries below to see what’s happened so far…

Principal for a Day – Meet & Greet

The candidates for Principal for a Day came out of the gates with gusto on Monday when they were introduced at Assembly. They then hosted a meet and greet for the ‘constituents’ during morning tea where all the campaigning tactics were pulled out of the bag – opportunities to pat a koala, signing autographs on candidate posters, promises to be added to a ‘shout-out list’ and trading skittles for votes. The campaigning will continue throughout the week until the Secondary school goes to the polls on Thursday, and sees their winner take office for the day on Friday.

Garden Tour

The week has also had an eco-focus thanks to the Geography department. At lunch time students had the opportunity to win a prize by throwing a ball into our revived separator bins, brought back to life by the environmental passion of a couple of our students. A self-guided garden tour took participants for a wander through the veggie patch, hopefully sparking a curiosity for cultivating a garden of their own.

Mock Trial

On Tuesday the Year 9’s participated in a mock trial complete with judge, jury, barristers, solicitors, court reporter, bailiff, corrections officers and of course, a defendant. The cohort waited with great anticipation to see if their number would be called to be considered as a member of the jury. Once deemed guilty, a sentencing hearing commenced for the accused and the empanelled jury listened to arguments while the judge kept order in the courtroom. The students made their way through a workbook as they observed the mock trial, having a lot of laughs along the way.