Prayer has been a vital part of the success of Mueller College. For more than 30 years, faithful men and women have joined in prayer for the Mueller community.

Long before Redcliffe Christian Assembly purchased the land on Morris Road, God foreknew of the development of the Mueller community. Prayer has been a way which we have been able to ask God to build His kingdom, promote His reputation and sustain us through the hard work. At times, the prayers of the Mueller community have been songs of rejoicing, other times, unspeakable groanings. However, through all these times, God has been faithful.

Prayer can be a vaguely spiritual activity and for some families something that first happened when your child came home from school and heard about prayer for the first time. You may be caught out, not knowing what to do. Don’t panic. The best approach is to let your child pray and encourage them to speak openly.

Prayer still happens on campus, every Friday a group of students gather to pray. They pray for their friends and all that goes on around campus.

Parents also gather and you are more than welcome to join in. The Parent Prayer Group meets each Friday at 2:15pm in Hudsons. If you have never prayed before, you are especially welcome. Come along to meet one or two other parents and be encouraged as you talk about the needs of the College.

It is important to recognise the success of Mueller is a result of faithful prayers in adoration of the God who promised to never leave or forsake us.

Paul Valese

Term 3 News